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Practitioner for integrative body psychotherapy


Since 2014 I work as a naturopath with holistic body-oriented treatments:

Chi Nei Tsang, Qi Gong, Organ constellations '5 elements', phaenomenological consultation, selbst-integration-prozess (LIP) and development of consciousness


My focus:
psychosomatic complaints / chronical  diseases
energetical organ detoxification /painreduction

stress - and  crisis management / 'burnout '

grief counseling /life coaching

holistic health prevention (work-life-balance)

Martina lebt in Berlin und hat 2 Kinder.


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Shiatsu Practitioner, Personal trainer, Workshop instructor


I offer you a holistic health prevention program. You can see it as a self care program you can integrate easily in your daily life.


My focus:

- learn easy Qi Gong, Meridians Stretching or Shiatsu-technics for reducing body tension and pain
- conscious on the postural for a better alignment between earth and heaven, collecting more life energy and expanding energy
- nutrition with higher vibration, organ detoxification
- holistic fitness training with a different approach: Yin Yang training
- conscious living: free up your life forces: Awareness of the 5th elements (Chinese medicine) and the power of the seasons to increase your inner alchemy

Let’s figure out together what you need to increase your vitality: take your power back into daily life.

I am French and I have one child. I live in Berlin and speak French, English. I am currently learning German.

I am looking forward to you.




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