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Lebens-integrationsprozess (LIP)

Aufstellungsarbeit und phänomenologische Psychologie.

'Was im Jetzt in Erscheinung tritt ist Schlüssel zur Selbstheilung'.


Our program invites business people or business groups to increase their body awareness to create a balance between brain and body (second brain). If yin (body ) and yang (mind) are not balanced we start to develop pain or symptoms. On the physical level it could be tiredness, headache, back, neck and shoulder diseases etc.
On the emotional and mental level we could feel frustration, stress, pressure, nervousness or develop sleeping problems which can end in a totally powerless body: exhausted mind with a feeling of emptiness (burnout).

The bodywork program gives easy exercises on all three levels: physical, emotional and mental, to increase vitality and wellbeing and to understand more about our inner body intelligence and how to use it to feel calm and serenity in daily businesses.

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